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This is the online portfolio of London-based Industrial Designer and Engineer Yusuf Muhammad. He is currently working for Plumis Ltd, a company he co-founded to commercialise Automist the award-winning fire protection device he co-invented.


Yusuf also appeared on a BBC2 documentary, Big Life Fix, a transformational science series for BBC Two, as a part of a group of designers, engineers, programmers and tech experts faced with the challenge of coming up with innovative interventions to help find solutions for everyday people.


He believes good design is about empathy with people, discarding assumptions in order to ask the right questions, and understanding context and rationale. He believes in relentless iteration and testing, and became a designer because he was naturally curious about the ideas behind the things that surround us.

He is also a popular public speaker, discussing design, innovation, entrepreneurship and fire safety.


Yusuf Muhammad Speaker
Yusuf Muhammad Speaker